MOTORIZED SCREEN COVERS For Television by Stealth Acoustics CoverArt


#CoverArt Manufactured by #StealthAcoustics, mixes about any level screen show into your stylistic layout via naturally changing over it into a flawlessly encircled photo or work of art.  Your divider mounted TV ought to not be the highlight of any room when it isn’t in use.  With CoverArt, it doesn’t need to be.

Custom pictures are imprinted in-house on an overwhelming duty, graphic expressions quality canvas and framed by your decision of exquisite wood mouldings. At the point when the show is turned on, the Cover Art Manufactured by Stealth Acoustics #canvas naturally ascends to uncover the aggregate show #screen with no check. At the point when the show is killed, the canvas naturally brings down to hide the dim screen.

Inside the #Frame.

–   Printed picture on realistic expressions review canvas

–   Decorative wood forming

–   Motor and equipment

–   Remote control



Your CoverArt comes ready to mount specifically finished your current level board TV screen without the need to introduce connection focuses or penetrate new holes.  The fundamental structure of the Stealth CoverArt™ outline is worked from aluminum, so the whole get together is light for its size.  The edge is uniquely crafted marginally bigger than the outside measurements of the show and is intended to fit over and lay on the bezel of practically any level screen show.



–   A shrouded engine naturally raises and brings down the canvas when the show is turned on or off

–   Can be tweaked with any astounding photo, or look over many pictures in our online exhibition

–   Each unit is specially crafted to fit your one of a kind TV estimate

–   Fits about any level screen show up to 120″ wide

–   Easy to introduce and lightweight – no mounting equipment to introduce

–   Requires 110v power

–   Low profile like surrounded fine art

–   Over twelve edge styles and hues

–   Fits on surface mounted showcases and on recessed presentations



We have installed the Cover Art Manufactured by Stealth Acoustics in our demo room at The Den India Mumbai Location…

There is the Dedicated demo room for Stealth Acoustics with Invisible speaker and Cover Art Manufactured by Stealth Acoustics 

To Book the Demo You Can Contact us or The Den

Tel: 022-66346320 / 9619227684


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